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ZARS is an opportunity for advanced riders to improve their skills, become more proficient, confident riders. ZARS will provide instruction and training geared toward advanced riding while learning critical skills necessary to minimize the risk involved. All bike types are welcome from sport touring, cruisers, to sportbikes and everything in between!

What's all included when you join us:

  • Instruction in a classroom setting
  • Coaching on the road course with trained, experienced coaches
  • Seminars and Clinics (when offered)
  • Complimentary Meal & Afternoon Snack
  • Complimentary T-Shirt
  • You'll become a complimentary member of ZARS!

Each school is divided into 3 groups that will rotate each hour and include 20 minutes on the road course, 20 minutes of class, 20 minutes of rest; except daytime events, which will have class end at 2pm (free ride 'til 5pm). Each group will have approximately 10-20 riders and will be comprised of riders at various levels. See the definition below.

You may be entitled to insurance premium discounts through participating insurance companies.

Ready to join us? Begin the registration process here. Not ready yet? C'mon out and "Try the Track", it's complimentary on all day events at 12pm.


Instruction will be available on and off the track. Experienced coaches work closely with riders of similar abilities in a small group setting. We have geared it so that you can become a more skilled rider and much of what you will learn can apply to riding on the street while minimizing the risk involved. Coaches will work with riders to build confidence in themselves as well as having confidence in their bike.

The schedule will basically rotate between 20 minutes of riding time, 20 minutes of classroom and then a 20 minute break for rest. Only groups of similar abilities will be on the range riding at the same time. We are the only school to provide structured instruction with class time for all riders. ZARS also maintains a low rider to instructor ratio of 3:1.

Individualized Skills: We will offer the Individualized Skills format for all riders in levels 3-6 at select Advanced Riding Schools. Riders in levels 3-6 will not be assigned to a specific instructor on the road course.

Instruction will vary between groups due to the range of abilities and bike types.

Throughout the season, our schools will follow a progression that will focus on primarily 2 skills along with incorporating your desired skills for an intense and progressive experience. Level 1 riders will follow a progression geared towards an introduction to advanced riding and will encompass skills necessary to reach your next levels.


Instruction will vary by school and may include the following:
Concentrating, Relaxing, and Breathing
Visual Skills
Reference Points
Body Positioning
Obstacle Avoidance
Fear/Panic Situation
Suspension and Chassis

Instruction for all bikes, including sport bikes!

Instruction also geared towards sport touring and cruisers!

Women ride ZARS! Female rider with Coach Debby Jass!

Rider Levels

Each school includes 6 levels of riding, which are defined below. All riders need to have a solid foundation of street riding and at least 1000 riding miles to take any schools. We have established levels within the groups to best accommodate the riders. Below you will find definitions of all the levels. Some levels may be combined to form groups, but the instruction may vary from level to level. Once a rider has “mastered” a certain level, a coach will document this and a rider may decide to move up to the next level for the next school. At any time, a rider may be moved to another group if ZARS feels that it is necessary for the safety of the rider and the group, space permitting.
If this is your first time at DCTC and you want register for more dates, register for level 1 for your first date, then level 2 for your second time and subsequent dates; we will move you and edit your registration once you’ve reached higher levels.
If you are unsure of which group is the correct fit for you or if you need approval, contact us.

Explanation of Levels:

Level 1 - An experienced motorcyclist whose has never ridden the DCTC Road Course on a motorcycle with ZARS. If you have participated in a similar course, such Track Days, you may inquire with ZARS about starting at a higher level (other groups at DCTC do not constitute as experience of any kind, sorry).  NOTE: Level 1 doesn’t imply that you’re a first time rider, just that you have not been to DCTC or similar before.

Level 2 - Successfully mastered Level 1 or have similar experience on DCTC Road Course on a motorcycle.

Level 3 - Successfully mastered Level 2 or have similar experience on DCTC Road Course on a motorcycle.  ZARS approval needed for riders new to ZARS.

Level 4 - Successfully mastered Level 3 or have similar experience in DCTC Road Course on a motorcycle.  ZARS approval needed for riders new to ZARS.

Level 5 - Successfully mastered Level 4 or have similar experience on DCTC Driving Range on a motorcycle. ZARS approval needed for riders new to ZARS.

Level 6 - Successfully mastered Level 5 or have similar experience on DCTC Driving Range on a motorcycle. ZARS approval needed for riders new to ZARS.

Individual Training - This is an opportunity for our regular riders who are at least at level 3 or higher and would like to ride themselves and work on their own individual skills.

Riders of all levels are welcome!

Suspention & Tuning Seminars