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Welcome to the Advanced Riding School (ARS) at Dakota County Technical College.  Registration is open online!

ARS is from 9am-5pm are $100 for level 1 ($110 for Level 2-6) unless indicated otherwise.  Dates and fees explained here and rider levels are explained here. There are 13 ARS dates to choose from plus our Appreciation Day. Register for multiple dates and save even more!  

**Newly added Skills Day - April 11, 10am-5pm, $99 for a limited time!

Advanced Riding School:  Times are 9am-5pm, except * is 4-9pm -  April 25, May 16, 22, June 5, 13*, 19, July 16, 16*, 24, 25, August 14, 28, September 25.   

Moto Night - SuperMoto, Scooter & Mini Motard & Kids Moto Night! Saturday nights are here!  Join us from 5-9pm on July 25, Aug 14, Sept 25.  Only $59!

Sport Touring/Cruiser ARS is on June 13, 9am-4pm; a special event for these bikes, but you're always welcome to ride any ARS!  Only $99!

Women's & WOW ARS on August 14, 4-9pm!  Special event for all women, but you're always welcome to ride any ARS! 

3-Wheel ARS will be  August 28, 4-9pm!

Date Night Bring your riding partner and join us as you both work on your riding craft  on July 16, !  Only $99!

Appreciation Weekend is a must ride! Must be a 2021 rider. Ride on September 26 for $50!


DATE TIME TYPE OF ARS Price Level 1 Price Level 2-6 Updates...
11-Apr 10am-5pm Pre-Season ARS Skills Day N/A $99 for a limited time!
25-Apr 9am-5pm ARS $100 $110 Cancelled
25-Apr 4-9pm Private Event
16-May 9am-5pm ARS $100 $110
16-May 4-9pm Private Event
22-May 9am-5pm ARS $100 $110
22-May 4-9pm Moto Night & Kids Moto Night $59 $59
22-May 4-9pm Private Event - BMW Club
5-Jun 9am-5pm ARS $100 $110
5-Jun 5-9pm Moto Night & Kids Moto Night $59 $59
13-Jun 9am-5pm ARS Individual Skills Day (3-6 only) N/A $99
13-Jun 9am-5pm Sport Touring/Cruiser 100 110
13-Jun 4-9pm ARS 50 65
19-Jun 9am-5pm ARS 100 110
19-Jun 4-9pm Private Event - BMW Club
16-Jul 9am-5pm ARS $100 $110
16-Jul 4-9pm ARS $50 $65
16-Jul 4-9pm Date Night $99 $99
24-Jul 9am-5pm ARS Individual Skills Day (2-6) N/A $100
25-Jul 9am-5pm ARS $100 $110
25-Jul 4-9pm Moto Night & Kids Moto Night $59 $59
25-Jul 4-9pm Private Event - BMW Club
25-Jul 4-9pm 3-Wheel Advanced $99
14-Aug 9am-5pm ARS $100 $110
14-Aug 4-9pm ARS Level 1 & 2 only $55 $65
14-Aug 4-9pm Kids Moto Night (No Moto night) $59 $59
14-Aug 4-9pm Women ARS & W.O.W. Event $75
28-Aug 9am-5pm ARS $100 $110
28-Aug 4-9pm ARS Level 1 & 2 only $55 $65
28-Aug 4-9pm 3-Wheel Advanced $99
25-Sep 9am-5pm ARS $100 $110
25-Sep 4-9pm Moto Night & Kids Moto Night $59 $59
26-Sep 9am-5pm ARS Appreciation Day N/A $50


Save BIG with our Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Rider Passes on our regular Advanced Riding School dates !


Platinum - You will have unlimited riding all throughout the season at ARS scheduled (x events) plus one Appreciation Day at a significant savings! Here are all the benefits:

  • You save  40% off the season plus one free Appreciation Day for a total savings of $582!!
  • Access to reserved parking area exclusively for Platinum Riders
  • Be our VIP at our annual Appreciation Day. 
  • You will receive a complimentary guest pass to give to a friend or family member who is new to DCTC (value $100)
  • Returning Platinum riders receive $100 off when they renew each season by April 1 (can not be combined with the Titanium-Platinum combo discount of $100)!  

Restrictions - Excludes any private or special events; applies only to regular full-day ARS.

The Ultra Rider who wants it all and does both Platinum and Titanium (Track Days) save an additional $100 (this can not be combined with returning Platinum discount).

GOLD RIDER: Sign up for 6 all-day Advanced Riding Schools and get one FREE (savings of $110)!

SILVER RIDER:  Sign up for any 4 schools throughout the season and save $50!  

BRONZE RIDER:  Sign up for any 3 schools throughout the season and save $25!

GROUP/OTHER DISCOUNTS:  MSF instructor and military discounts are available, inquire with ZARS. Group discounts may also be available, inquire with ZARS.

Instructions on How to Register

  1. First step is to review this page!
  2. Second step is to begin the online registration process!
  3. Remember there is no cost to join ZARS, just pay for your individual dates or become a Frequent Rider!
  4. Prepare your bike and yourself! About a week prior you'll receive our Event Guide to fully prepare you!

Terms / Policies


If you cancel outside of 14 days of your school date, you will receive a credit for the amount paid minus $15 or you may receive a full credit towards another school, space permitting. If you cancel within 14 days of your school date, you will receive credit towards another school, space permitting, except no credits or refunds if you cancel within 7 days. The policy will apply to each individual school, not multi-day events or multiple registrations.

*If you received a discount as a frequent rider, due to the significant savings, the policy varies based on which frequent rider program discount is applied to your purchase; see your specific discount package on the registration package.

PLATINUM RIDER PASS: Due to the significant savings, there are no refunds or credits should you cancel or forego any date. If we cancel one or more ARS for any reason, we'll first offer a make up date and if this is not scheduled, you will be entitled to $50 credit per daytime ARS for 2020. Restrictions - Excludes any private or special events.

GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE RIDER: Cancellation Policy - Due to the significant savings, there are no refunds, however you may reschedule your events, except you may not reschedule within 7 days of your event. 

To begin the refund/credit request process, you need to contact us first by mail or email. If you don't receive a response, it has not been received nor documented.

The convenience fee is non-refundable, even if you cancel.

ZARS reserves the right to revoke your privilege to ride during a school without a refund or credit for riding in such a manner that endangers life or limb of yourself, other riders, guests, staff, and instructors or control riders.

Registrations are not transferrable to anyone.

To be fair and consistent, there are ZERO EXCEPTIONS to all above.

Rain or Shine or Cancellation:
Schools are held in the rain. Schools are subject to being delayed or canceled due to heavy rain or severe weather or lack of registrants. If a school is canceled for rain or severe weather, it will be rescheduled and your paid fee will be applied to the newly scheduled date or a credit toward another date. The same policies will then apply.