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Cancelled/Postponed Events at this time:

Advanced Riding School - May 3 has been postponed to August.

No other events at this time have been postponed or cancelled.  We're planning on our late May events!

ZARS 2020 Season COVID-19 Special Procedures - 5/13/20

Since ZARS was formed, we have always sought a balance in our policies where rider and team member safety are paramount and where our riders are able to enjoy the sport and pastime we love so much.  The same safety-first principles which guide our riding practices will guide us as we navigate COVID-19.

As long as we are compliant with state and local regulations, we intend to hold ZARS ARS and Track Day events this season.  Obviously, this is a fluid situation and the schedule may be subject to change.  We will keep you updated as the season progresses via Facebook and email.  Please make sure we have your correct email address..  

In response to the new health risks created by gatherings of multiple people, ZARS will implement new precautions to mitigate the potential transmission of COVID-19.   ZARS events are unique, so please read carefully.  There may be guidelines that extend beyond what you may think of as common-sense behaviors.  

For all events, it is important that riders and team members assess themselves for symptoms regularly and go home right away if ill or exhibiting any symptoms. The main symptoms noted by the CDC include:  Fever, Cough and Shortness of breath.    Please go to the CDC website for the latest information. 

All riders and team members should practice careful and frequent hand hygiene, not touch their faces with unwashed hands, and cover your mouth when needing to cough.

In addition to these basics, ZARS is implementing the following procedures:

·         Riders, essential crew and team members may not attend a ZARS event if they have had any of the CDC listed COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days.  Additionally, if you should test positive within 14 days of attending a ZARS event, we respectfully request you or your assigned health professional contact us.  This will allow us to support contact tracing efforts and communication while maintaining patient privacy.  (reference Principles of Contact Tracing on

·         Maintain “social distancing” at all times in all places, including in the classroom and in the parking lot and on the range.  The CDC recommends a minimum of 6 feet between yourself and other persons.

·         No sharing of pit or parking areas except if the riders reside at the same household.  All riders and coaches must keep at least 6 feet of distance from their neighboring riders’ pit areas.  

·         ARS - Morning check-in will be extended to allow for shorter lines.   Riders in line must keep 6 feet apart from one another and wait on marked areas to maintain “social distancing.”  We may experience delays especially with things like check in as we implement these additional precautions.  Please arrive early.   Riders who arrive late may miss one or more sessions. 

·         ARS – Our morning rider meeting will be announced by the PA.  All participants must remain in their parking spot except those in the overflow (adjacent lot) will need to come want wait by the fence along the track.  Classrooms will be split into smaller groups by level and spaced out throughout the morning to keep group sizes under 10 and to maintain “social distancing.”  

·         Riders are required to provide all personal safety gear.  Loaning, borrowing or sharing gear with other riders, including gloves, helmets or footwear, is NOT allowed.  ZARS will rent gear during the COVID-19 precautionary period; advance notice is needed to prepare suit for use with our new standards and the suit will not be available until 2 weeks after the event.

·         Riders must bring their own supply of hand sanitizer.  ZARS will encourage all riders to use hand sanitizer frequently.

·         Riders, essential crew, staff and all persons on the premises must wear a face mask at all times, except while riding a motorcycle with a helmet on.  All must comply.

·         Bring your paperwork filled out in advance to minimize exposure time (forms available at

·         Bring your own pen to sign paperwork.  Sanitize your hands before and immediately after any class, meeting or handling paperwork.

·         Avoid personal contact with other riders, bikes, equipment, and ZARS team members.  No shaking hands, high fives or assisting fellow riders with getting gear on or off, etc.

·         Should you be involved in an incident please leave your helmet and gloves on unless the situation absolutely demands you remove them.  Have your mask in your gear while riding should you take your helmet off and need to put a mask on after an incident.   The safety team will clear you once the incident is under control.

·         Wipe down your bike with disinfectant throughout the day on touch points and do not touch other riders' bikes or equipment. (handlebars, fuel valves, keys, mirrors and seat).  If you touch another riders bike or equipment by habit or by accident, let the owner know so they can make the choice to wipe down what you touched.  

·         DO NOT use your mouth or teeth to hold or remove your gloves, bike parts or tools, etc.

·         We are limiting all May and June class and group sizes to assist with social distancing.

·         ZARS will refine procedures for our team members and for coaching in the classroom to accommodate social distancing.  For example, coaches commonly work 1:1 to help riders with body position details.   For the time being, riders will need to work to imitate a coach’s example from a distance.  

·         We regret the inconvenience, but please bring your own chair for class.  Please only sit in your own chair.  Do not sit in someone else’s chair. 

·         Riders will need to bring their own food and beverages.  ZARS will NOT provide any water, meals or ice cream during the COVID-19 precautionary period.  Feel free to arrange for delivery from local providers.

·         Current policy as listed on applies should ZARS need to cancel an event.  Just as motorcycling can be dangerous, participating in any group event during the COVID-19 epidemic has risk.  ZARS participants need to accept that risk.  If you are not comfortable participating due to the COVID-19 situation, you may cancel your registration.  Standard policy applies.  For Track Days, the cancellation fee will be waived.  ARS has no cancellation fee.

There is some concern generally about activities that increase the probability of needing medical response due to accident or injury.  Motorcycling would be one of those activities.  Some people are concerned that emergency transportation or simply queuing in an emergency room will expose them to COVID-19.  This is an understandable concern.  We believe that by the time the ZARS schedule starts in May, medical facilities will have more mature procedures and have isolated COVID-19 intake procedures designed to segregate patients who need different types of care.  While health system intake procedures are beyond our control, we will make an effort to pass along relevant information published by the emergency response organizations that service our events. 

These new procedures are designed to help protect ZARS riders and team members from unnecessary risk of infection.  Just like on the track, the rules and guidelines are there to protect you, but also to protect you from impacting your fellow rider.  As the CDC message goes:  “We’re all in this together”.   Let’s all do our part to make this season work.  Thank you for your support!

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and adapt as needed.

Additional information can be obtained from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization (WHO), including steps to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Special Message regarding COVID-19, March 2020:

Although ZARS is not experiencing any cases to our knowledge, please be assured that our team is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. We will be working in partnership with local, state and federal agencies as well as racetracks and facilities to alter or supplement relevant plans and protocols to improve our situational readiness. Public safety and the safety of our riders and staff are paramount and will be our top priority as we continue preparing for our 2020 season. 

Stay Connected:
Our decisions may change as this situation evolves. All of our decisions are guided by the safety of riders, staff, families, and community. We will keep you posted should anything change for 2020. We want to express our appreciation for your understanding and cooperation. 

What you can do (or not do!):
Take this seriously. Your actions could cost or save lives even if you show no symptoms.  
Practice everyday preventive behaviors! Stay home, practice social distancing with everyone to include family and friends. Avoid going out of your home unless it’s necessary. Cover coughs and sneezes. Frequently wash hands with soap and water. Clean frequently touched surfaces.

For more information, visit the CDC: