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Opportunities for Racers

Contingency & Shootout Championship

We will offer a contingency award program for CRA licensed racers.  Racers can sign up now to participate in a program that will award top championship finishers in the CRA with ZARS credits!  ------->

ZARS Shootout Championship Series

2017 Championship Series is open for registration.

The purpose of the Shootout is to provide a low cost venue and racing opportunity outside the typical race weekend for the local racer and to showcase their talent.

Who can participate - Racers who are at least 13 years of age and hold a valid roadrace license with CRA, CCS, WERA, AMA, MRA or approved racing organization and are registered for the Track Day or a ZARS staff member who is working the Track Day/School. Racers must be able to provide the current race license for verification on site.

When- All the Track Days

Registration- 100% of all registrations will go into the purse money! Registration opens two weeks before the scheduled Track Day at 8pm. You must be pre-registered for the Track Day BEFORE you register for the Shootout. For riders who pre-register online before the event pay $20. Registrations accepted on site pay $25 and will continue on site if space is available. 50 riders maximum for entire event. Entry fees are non-refundable. Don't delay, grids are based on when you register! REGISTER HERE

Race- This will be a 4, 5 or 6-lap sprint, depending on the track.

If the race is red-flagged prematurely, the race may be called if 50% of the laps have been completed. Race is run under "Rain or Shine" rulings.

Rules- General Machine and Bike Requirements: Bike and rider equipment requirements will be per racing rules. For our purposes, we will apply the CRA rulebook and one modification: addition of a GP4 Novice class (1000cc).

Race Procedures and Flags: Race procedures and flags will be according to the rules. Timing and scoring: It will be done manually. Transmitters/transponders are not required. Any protests must be made within 15 minutes of posted results. The race director will be the final decision maker on any protests.

There will be 4 classes. No transponders will be needed. Rules will apply from rulebook for GP 1,2,3,4.
Expert GP1/2  Lightweight (GP 1 & 2 will be combined)
Novice GP1/2  Lightweight (GP 1 & 2 will be combined)
Expert GP3/4  Middleweight  (GP 3 & 4 will be combined)*
Novice GP3/4  Unlimited (GP 3 & 4 will be combined)*


Vary by event.


Numbers will be used based off of ZARS Numbers.

Grid Order-
Grid positions for each class will be determined by the order of entry. All online PAYMENTS are time-stamped and will be used in determining grid placement. Any rider may request to be placed at the back of the grid if they desire.

Race Winners and Series Champions:
The top three finishers of each race will receive an award during the scheduled break. All events will count towards the year end championship.

Points will be awarded for each class as follows:

First 35 
Second 30
Third 26 
Fourth 23 
Fifth 21 
Sixth 19
Seventh 18
Eighth 17
Ninth 16
Tenth 15 
Eleventh 14 
Twelfth 13 
Thirteenth 12 
Fourteenth 11 
Fifteenth 10 
Sixteenth 9 
Seventeenth 8
Eighteenth 7
Nineteenth 6
Twentieth 5
Twenty-First 4
Twenty-Second 3
Twenty-Third 2
Twenty-Fourth 1

Online Shootout & Contingency Registration HERE!

Go here to sign up to race in the Shootout or to sign up for CRA Contingency.

Cool Awards for the top 3! Awards will vary by event.