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Rider Challenge


Do you want to bump up the intensity of your trackdays slightly without making the step to full-on racing? Then the Rider Challenge is what you're looking for.

The Rider Challenge is brought to you by ZARS, an organization created to provide high quality track days and programs that emphasize safety, education and good sportsmanship.

ZARS's Academy and Rider Challenge is for experienced Track Day riders who meet a certain criteria with demonstrated ability, including participating in at least 2 Track Days.

Riders must be pre-approved to register and riders will need to pre-register in order to participate. The fee for the ZARS Academy is $65. Once you're licensed, Rider Challenges are $30. No annual fee once licensed.

Once your registration is processed, you'll receive the ZARS Academy and Rider Challenge Guide and Rulebook.

The Rider Challenge is subject to cancellation due to weather conditions or lack of participants.

ZARS's Academy and Rider Challenge is led by CRA racer and ZARS Coach, Nick Johnson.  

Nick Johnson on the track!

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Who - Experienced Track Day Riders who have attended at least 3 Track Days (including the current Track Day) and have not held a race license in the last 3 years. ZARS reserves the right to refuse any rider who we feel would not be an appropriate rider for this.

What - Eligible riders begin by participating in the ZARS's Academy to ultimately qualify to participate in the Rider Challenge held later that day. We wil also award top 3 for all classes using the Shootout point systeml

Why - To provide more opportunities and challenge to our experienced ZARS Track Day Riders and to bridge the gap from track days to racing at an inexpensive cost.

When and Where- Every ZARS Track Day!  You will need to do the ZARS Academy (classroom) on the day of your Track Day. You'll need to pre-register online for it.  You will not be able to participate in any other school or double-time on that day, as you'll be too busy!

The Rider Academy will consist of training provided by experienced instructors to prepare riders for a "spirited" event, including rider safety, procedures, protocols, and other necessary skills and tools. Once the riders complete the training, riders then must satisfactorily pass a written examination as well as display a solid base of track riding skills. Once a rider is deemed qualified, he or she may participate in the Rider Challenge, where riders will start and finish a 3, 4 or 5-lap sprint while challenging one another to the finish line. Riders will be scored by how they cross the finish line within their respective class based off of bike size; prizes awarded to the top finishers.

No additional gear or bike prep is necessary! You'll only need to meet the Track Day requirements for rider gear and bike prep!

Once you've successfully finished the Rider Challenge, you'll be given certification that will allow you to participate in future Challenges (without having to do the training/exam over again).

There will also be stringent rules, including Intermediate passing rules such as a 6-foot passing rule and no inside corner passes (except at BIR in turns 1 and 2), to minimize the risk and ensure an environment conducive for track day riding. Tech rules will be based off of current track day rules. Violations of any rules, requirements or protocols will disqualify riders from future participation.


1. All riders interested in participating in the Rider Challenge must apply for a ZARS license on the registration form.

2. The Academy will be held on May 26 and most Track Days. New Riders must complete the Academy, successfully pass the written examination, and pass the on-track riding evaluation to be able to participate in the Rider Challenge. Once a rider has successfully completed all the above and finished the Rider Challenge, the New Rider will earn his or her ZARS license from the Academy.

3. ZARS Licenses will not be issued to riders who hold or have held a race licenses within the last 3 years as either a Novice or Expert. ZARS will not recognize similar programs or licenses for the program’s unique purpose.

4. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

5. Applicants must complete the registration online and are responsible for updating any changes.

6. Rider needs to register for and ride in at least 1 Rider Challenge in a 1-year period to retain his/her ZARS license; license must be renewed each year by participating in one rider challenge each season.

Top 3 riders recognized for their great finishes on the podium!