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Trackdays Overview - Roadamerica, Brainerd, Blackhawk Farms


Zalusky Advanced Riding School offers riders the opportunity to participate in Track Days or Schools at Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd, Minnesota, Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI, and Blackhawk Farms in Beloit, IL.

Track Days are opportunities for riders to get on the race track. It is a controlled environment that will allow you to ride your bike without the distractions of the street. Whether you ride a sportbike or a touring bike, the capabilities of the modern motorcycle usually exceed those of the rider. This is especially true of the beginner rider on a new sportbike.

Our Track Day format allows for riders to get the maximum amount of open track time. We may have 3 or 4 rotations of groups: Novice / IntermediateI / Intermediate II /Advanced (see rider classification below). Each group will have approximately 15- 20 minutes on track each hour from approximately 9am-5pm. We have control riders floating around in all groups to monitor riding and to assist riders to ensure a positive experience for all.

New Track Day Riders:
We provide a complimentary Track Orientation for all first time Track Day riders to acquaint you to the track experience. You'll receive classroom time and on track guidance in the morning to prepare you for the track experience. Your first session out on the track will be exclusiviely be all New Riders to the track.

Who Can Do a Track Day:
All riders must be competent street riders with at least 1000 miles of riding experience and be comfortable riding in groups at moderate speeds. You don’t need track experience to participate and you don’t need to attend a school for your first time out. Although all riders new to the track must begin in Novice as a "New Rider" (DCTC does not constitute as “track experience) and participate in the Track Orientation.

No one under 14 will be allowed to ride. 

Camping is always available the night before a track day for FREE at Blackhawk and for a nominal fee at Brainerd Intl Raceway and Road America.

Truck Ride for all New Riders in the morning!

Options - Track Day, Track School, School of R.O.C.C., Rider Challenge

Take your riding to the next level and take advantage of our various opportunities!

First, riders may attend a Track Day or maximize your time with the various opportunities:

Track School I - Are you new to the track or a “Novice” rider and want to maximize your day of fun and learning? Join our Track school I!

Track School II - Are you an experienced "Novice" rider and want to maximize your day of fun and learning? Join our Track school I!

School of R.O.C.C. Have track experience and want to take your riding to the next level? Join our School of R.O.C.C.!

Rider Challenge - Experienced track day riders undergo training to challenge other trained riders in the in a 3, 4 or 5-lap sprint called the Rider Challenge.

Rider Classification

Rider Classification for Track Days Explanation:

Below is a general explanation to the levels. It is important that you are in your best fitting and correct group. If you register for the wrong group and it doesn’t get fixed, it’s very possible that you may forfeit your Track Day and paid fees, being our events do fill and there is minimal space to move groups at the last minute. Unsure, please contact us.

Riders must be approved before moving from Novice to Intermediate and Intermediate to Advanced. It is unlikely that this could happen on the day of an event. Control Riders will be observing for potential future moves. If you’d like to be evaluated for a future move, you can also locate a Control Rider for an on-track evaluation. Following each Track Day, upward moves will be documented. Note: New Riders will not be evaluated on their first ever Track Day.

Novice New Rider: First time on a racetrack (including but not limited to Brainerd, High Plains Raceway, Blackhawk, Road America) or first time at a track day or lapping day. No track experience! DCTC riders start here!

Novice Returning Rider: Experienced Track Day riders who ride at a moderate pace

Intermediate: Current Intermediate ZARS Riders or riders who have recently been approved for Intermediate. These riders will have previous motorcycle riding experience on a Race Track (done several track days), comfortable with passing and being passed and has enough track time that they are comfortable at an accelerated riding pace. If you're a CRA Racer that practices in the “slow” group, this group is for you. Within Intermediate, we have Int1 and Int 2. All riders start as Int1 and we bump you to Int2 based on your skills and pace.

Advanced: Current Advanced ZARS Riders or riders who have recently been approved for Advanced. If you’re a CRA Racer that practices in the “medium” or “fast” groups or the faster riders in the “slow” group. If you race with another club, the groups should correspond, otherwise contact us for your correct group.

NOTE- Advanced Riding School at DCTC does not qualify as “track experience” and the levels at ARS do NOT correspond to Track Day levels mentioned above.  We do recognize experience on the track if you have done Track Days with recognized professional Track Day providers (STT,MotoVid, N2, email us for any others).   RCP does not count as track experience!