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Track Day Schedule & Pricing


Sign up now NOW online and save with our  Early Bird discount that expires on  April 1!   After April 1 the Pre-registration pricing will begin immediately and will expire one week prior to the scheduled Track Day/School ($20/day within one week).  Online registration incurs a convenience fee, except for Blackhawk Farms in July and Road America in August).

Registration will close 48  hours before event or sooner if there is no space.  Registrations will be taken at the track if space permits. 

*JUNE 10  will only happen if we have 30 registered by April 1!  GO!

Pre-Register NOW and SAVE!


This is the ultimate for the rider who can’t get enough Track Days!  Sign up for all multiple Track Days  and receive a huge discount!   Here are the benefits/info:

  • You'll be a Track V.I.P.
    • Sign up for any 10+  track days and save on the 2-days, plus you will save an additional $350
    • Sign up for any 9 track days and save on the 2-days, plus you will save an additional  $250
    • Sign up for any 8  track days and save on the 2-days, plus you will save an additional $200
    • Sign up for any 7 track days and save on the 2-days, plus you will save an additional $150

 Email for your discount code!

  • Riders may upgrade to any school or double time on any date for an additional cost!  
  • Complimentary reserved parking in the main paddock at BIR and premier parking at Road America.
  • Complimentary Double Time when available at the track!  No guarantees.
  • Guaranteed availability for your Titanium Pass for the following year (within 45 days of registration opening)
  • Rock star treatment and envy of all your friends!!! 
  • Limited to 20 riders and expires on March 31!  Total fee varies and is based on the current fees and may change due to upgrades, add-ons and the convenience fee.  

**EMAIL to get your promo code and to check availability for Titanium**


Riders who sign up for both Platinum & Titanium receive an additional $100 discount (can not be combined with Returning Platinum or any other discount)!

Time Dates (each date is sold separate) Track / Type of Track Day Early Bird Price though 3/31 Pre-Registration Price expires one week before
8am-5pm; 9am-5pm May 27,28 Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI
(3 groups) Track Day $299 $319
Double Time (only May 28) $399 $419
Track School I/II $399 $419
School of R.O.C.C. $449 $469
Combo- May 27-28 $529 $568
9am-5pm Aug 19,20 Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI
(4 groups on Aug 19; 3 groups on Aug 20) Track Day $269 $299
Double Time (only on Aug 20) $369 $399
Track School I/II (only on Aug 20) $369 $399
School of R.O.C.C. (only on Aug 20) $419 $449
Combo- August 19 & 20 $538 $568
9am-5pm June 10 - TRACK DAY & MA PRACTICE Brainerd International Raceway, Brainerd, MN - Competition Course
(2 groups) Track Day $299 $299
9am-5pm June 17-18, July 8, Aug 23, Sept 2, Sept 28-29 Brainerd International Raceway, Brainerd, MN - Competition Course
(3 groups) Track Day $199 $219
Double Time $299 $319
Track School $299 $319
School of R.O.C.C. $349 $369
Combo -June 16-17, Sept 28 & 29 $379 $399
9am-5pm July 20,21 Blackhawk Farms, Beloit, IL, with
(July 21 is an affiliate event with Track Day $219 $229
(4 groups) Double Time* July 20 only $319 $329
Track School* July 20 only $319 $329
School of R.O.C.C.* July 20 only $369 $379
Combo - July 20 & 21 $438 N/A

Instructions on how to REGISTER

  1. First step is to review this page!
  2. GO HERE to register!
  3. If you're new, we'll need to assign you to a ZARS Rider Number. At this time, just email us your first, second and third choice before or after registering (we can always update your registration).
  4. Prepare your bike and yourself! About a week prior you'll receive our Event Guide to fully prepare you!

Terms / Policies 2024

Make sure to read below, as you will need to understand and accept this policy when registering. We need to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible. If you can’t accept the policies below, don’t register. We don’t make special exceptions, so please don’t ask!

2024 Cancellation & Refund Policy*- If you cancel outside of 21 days of your date, you will receive a refund for the amount paid minus minus a 15% cancellation fee or full future track credit . Cancellation requests submitted less than twenty-one (21) days and greater than fourteen (14) days prior to an event will be granted a credit for another track day event, except no credit if you cancel within 7 days.

We do not give credits due to mechanical failures/problems with your motorcycle. The policy will apply to each individual track day, not multi-day events, multiple registrations or frequent rider programs . To begin the cancellation request process, you need to contact us first by email. If you don’t receive a response, it has not been received.
The convenience fee is non-refundable.

*If you received a discount as a Titanium rider, due to the significant savings, there are no credits at all. If you don't fully understand this, contact us, or if you will not accept these terms, don't sign up for Titanium.

If you register for the wrong level and do not have it corrected, you may have to forfeit your Track Day and paid fee (if you show up and are registered for the wrong level and there is no space for your correct level, you will lose your fee and won’t be able to ride).

ZARS reserves the right to revoke your privilege to ride during a school without a refund or credit for riding in such a manner that endangers life or limb of yourself, other riders, guest, staff, and instructors or control riders.

Registrations are not transferable to anyone.

To be fair and consistent, there are ZERO EXCEPTIONS to all above.

Rain or Shine or Event or Course Cancellation: Track Days and Track Schools will be held in the rain. If we have weather that makes it not conducive to ride on the Donnybrooke Road Course, we reserve the right to ride the Competition Course instead. Track Days and Track Schools are subject to being canceled due to severe weather or lack of registrants. If ZARS cancels a Track Day or School, you will be fully credited for a future Track Day, except June 10 will be fully refunded if cancelled by April 1.