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School of ROCC



If you want to take your riding to the next level and receive top-notch coaching, join us for our School of R.O.C.C. lead by Dwayne Stroman and Rich Nelson.

This school provides in-depth coaching on the most beneficial subjects and techniques used by the world's top riders, available to Intermediate and Advanced riders and racers! R.O.C.C. will offer you the guidance and tools whether you are looking to advance your riding, improve lap times, raise your confidence level or find the best line around BIR, High Plains or Road America, this is for you!

We maintain a low rider to coach ratio to maximize your experience and learning with a 2:1 ratio. Your instructor will be with you for your on track sessions throughout. Our coaches bring a wealth of experience and are all experienced expert racers!

Riders must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Experienced Novice Rider
  • Track School II Graduate
  • Intermediate or Advanced Riders

Registration is limited, so register now!

Go here for testimonials from ROCC Riders! 

Coach Dwayne Stroman

Coach Dwayne in action!

Dwayne Stroman is an accomplished racer and has coached at the Yamaha School of Champions. He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to our program!  

From Coach Dwayne:

Nick Ienatsch, a wise man and even faster motorcycle rider, taught me a very clear truth.  Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent.  Sports coaches stress to get it right first, and then practice it till you never do it wrong. At the School of ROCC we look for issues and concerns that you might be practicing and embedding into your riding style. We help you find those issues and  correct them so that you can practice the right habits.

ROCC stands for Riders Objectives, Cornering and Confidence.  The whole purpose of ROCC is to help you learn how to continue to advance your riding on your own.  We won’t ‘show you the line’, we will teach you how to find the right line on your own.  We won’t measure your riding skills, we will teach you the report cards you need to measure your own progress.  Whether you are looking to get into racing or just want to ride faster and safer, our goal is to help you learn the right techniques so that Practice does make Perfect.

Coach Rich - Coming soon!


Rider Perception, preparing your mind for improved technique and use of speed.

Rider Maintenance, off bike objectives and skills the pros use to improve. Nutrition, note taking, reflection, objective development.

Rider Discipline, developing a predictable riding formula, fighting survival reactions, developing a rider maintenance plan, focus skills and tips.

Bike Control Rules, simple but amazing rules that will instantly transform your riding while opening the door for more speed and control.

Use of Vision, we give you actual targets to look for that confidently draw you through a corner, as apposed to just "looking through" it.

Use of Brakes and Deep Braking Techniques, and how it positively effects both the Bike, as well as the Rider.

Use of Throttle, where-when-why and how much.

Advanced Steering Techniques, learn to combine multiple theories of changing direction on your bike, as well as when certain techniques work best.

Shifting, learn to be smooth and master the art of RPM.

Body Positioning, learn one of the biggest reasons how the Pro's are able to do 20+ laps without fatigue, all while maximizing the Bike's capabilities.

Passing, learn to safely overtake another rider with confidence and skill.


8:30am-12pm Instruction On Track/Off Track
12-1pm Lunch
1-2pm Instruction On Track/Off Track
2-6pm Open Riding time for school riders.

Schedule is subject to change. On Track/Off Track schedule consists of 20 minutes of on track riding with an instructor, 20 minutes of classroom and 20 minutes of rest.

Intense Classroom Time!